An interview with training buddy, Clark Ellice.

- If you could choose one word to describe you, what would it be?

One word, hmm not possible, a searcher for inner peace and happiness

 - What would people say is your worst habit?

My worst habit, I hesitate too much and switch off too easily when something doesn’t interest me


- What do you like to do outside of training?

Outside of training I love surfing, searching for nature, I love socializing with good people and I love learning new music on my guitar and most of all I love spending time with God.


- Favourite session?

Any long rides with big ass climbs in them, French ALPS top the cake here, recently have become quite the fan of Dillos runs off the criterium on Sat tho, as I am learning new limits of pain, which definitely liberates ones belief in thyself to be greater.


- Funniest 2012 Gold Coast moment?

No overly hilarious ones yet, although I love the banter post swim sessions, have learnt to stick around as some gems of wisdom and humor come out when everyone is buggered post vo2 max swims and just wanna talk smack.


- If you could go on a date with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Dunno, Rihanna I guess, she put out a lot of good tracks the last two years and seems to have a lot to say in the bigger scheme of life.


- Favourite triathlon moment?

Fav triathlon moment would have to be coming 8th in Lorient World Cup 2008, not so much the final result more so it was a very peaceful ending to a frustrating long season and I managed an epic breakaway on the bike, which is my favourite way to race and it worked for a change.

On the same day my then girlfriend came 7th so she buried the hatchet of a bad 2008 Olympics. So we proved to the coach that day just how great we could be when it all comes together.


- Least favourite session?

Just gym work in general a necessary evil to do to allow consistent swim, bike, run training tho.


- Name three things you look for in a woman

hmmm… independent, funny, low maintenance and doesn’t mind that triathlon is a major priority in my life.

I like a good-looking broad too, but have found that the hotter they get the less likely the above three can occur.


- What’s your favourtie city in the world and why?

A toss up between Singapore and Biarritz. Singapore coz its like the last living part of Asia they have looked after brilliantly, keep clean and is by far the friendliest and easiest way to get around. Biarritz coz the surfing there is amazing, u can camp there cheaply and I generally love most of France after 5 seasons going back there for french GP.


- What’s your favourite book?

‘Born to run’ by Chris McDougall. Simplifies the beauty of running at the most basic level.


- If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, what would it be and why?

Definitely a pro surfer, they get to surf some of the best waves in the world, have groupies and get paid to surf, the only sport I love more than triathlon


- Who’s your most inspirational person?

So many I could not target just one, some of my favourites though

- Byron Reid my first swim coach

- Will Clarke, coz he is made yet never fails to keep grounded in our egomaniac sport

- Hamish Carter our kiwi pioneer triathlete whom showed us the way off our lil island to the big world of triathlon

- Mum coz she never stops believing in me even when I loose my own belief

- Jesus, coz he allows me to learn from my sins and grow ever more to be a better person daily

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